Science Writing

dezignIT’s team offers a unique combination of analytical and creative thinking when interpreting scientific data and evidence, and other highly technical information.

Specifically, dezignIT’s consultancy focuses on the following key areas for meaningful engagement with specialised technical information, to generate support for research, inform decision makers and develop public engagement:

  • Keeping scientific or technical information simple, but not simplistic
  • Ensuring quotes and all information is kept within context to avoid miscommunication of facts
  • Critical reasoning for an unbiased approach to scientific evidence
  • Interpretation of both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Talking the same language to experts to draw out the most relevant information.

An example of our ability to communicate complex information to a non-specialist audience is highlighted in the website, Decoding Alzheimer’s, due to be lauched by the end of July 2016. It is a very personal project developed by Dr Jenny Rollo and highlights her own unique approach in Alzheimer’s research, as well as her ability to reframe the public’s understanding of a complex disease that is often misunderstood, feared and stigmatised.